Qubit Networks attends Check Point Security CPX 360 The Premier Cyber Security Summit and Expo

What is CPX 360?
CPX 360 is an annual conference hosted by Check Point

Security Software where customers and partners receive up-
to-the-minute intelligence about global threats and other vital

topics from the world’s leading cyber security experts.
Attendees also get the opportunity to experience hands on training with cutting-edge security solutions
from Check Point.

Who attended CPX 360 this year?
Qubit Networks takes pride in our continued education to better serve our customers. Cyber security is
an everchanging industry and it’s imperative that we stay informed. This year, Ryan Seaburg (CEO), Josh
Mandeville (Director of Technology/Engineering), Tim Clifton (Network Engineer), and Greg Gigiel
(Director of Sales) attended CPX 360. Each team member gained an in-depth understanding of today’s
dynamic threat landscape and the emerging challenges within cyber security.
“The world of cyber security is SO daunting. There are so many ways the bad guys can get to you. It can
be overwhelming at times,” stated Qubit CEO, Ryan Seaburg. “It is so reassuring to know that Check
Point has a handle on ALL of it. They are a great Partner to work with.”

Want to hear more about what our team learned?
Reach out to the Qubit team to discuss Check Point Security for your business.