Qubit Way

The Qubit Way is how we do business by following our five core values.

The Qubit Way is more than our philosophy on how we do business, it is a way of life. It starts with our core values of working hard, being a good teammate, being a good citizen, having fun, and winning. Executing, consistently on our core values creates an atmosphere of selfless service to others. This selfless service creates trust. When we selflessly serve our teammates, we create trust on our team. When our company selflessly serves its employees, it creates trust of the company. When our company selflessly serves our customers, we earn the trust of our customers. We recognize that trust is earned every day and should not be taken for granted. It is a precious thing that requires consistent care and feeding. Trust is what has fueled our success to date and will fuel our success in the future. Trust is the secret sauce and at the heart of The Qubit Way.

Work Hard

  • Staying current with technology
  • Maintaining industry certifications.
  • Always being there for our customers.
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations.

Be a Good Teammate

  • Always seeking to help our customers & coworkers.
  • Go the extra mile for our customers & coworkers.
  • Don’t pester our customers.
  • Look out for our customers’ best interests

Be Good Citizens

  • Give to the less fortunate and lead others to good by our example.
  • Be humble and brave.
  • Be a good husband or wife.
  • Be a good father or mother.
  • Be a good co-worker.
  • Be a good friend.

Have Fun

  • Enjoy your work.
  • Enjoy your teammates.
  • Try to laugh and smile often.
  • Don’t take things too serious, life is good!


  • Strive to do a great job for customers.
  • Work harder than the competition.
  • Create a quality experience that customers can’t wait to work with us again.